State-of-the-Art Services

Supportive Care services are exceptional because they are both compassionate and based on scientific research. First and foremost, we know that each individual must come to trust that both their challenges and strengths are seen and understood. So at the foundation of all of our services is a supportive, professional relationship. We consistently focus on developing a strong partnership that engages the individual in setting meaningful, obtainable goals. We know that when we involve our clients in identifying goals, in mapping out small, practical steps towards their goals, that they will inevitably experience more motivation, hope, and success.

Building on this foundation, we focus on improving functioning and quality of life by helping our clients:
    - Identify and cope with persistent symptoms
    - Take practical steps to decrease feelings of stress
    - Follow through with treatment and/or recommendations made by health care providers
    - Develop the skills and habits needed for the activities of daily living
    - Engage in activities and relationships that promote a healthy life style

More specifically, we assess functioning and provide training, guidance, and/or structure that enhances:
    - Good nutrition, meal planning, food shopping, meal preparation
    - Money management including planning, budgeting, comparison shopping,
    - Effective communication and social skills
    - Maintaining a safe and clean home environment
    - Self care and healthy habits such as grooming, exercise, taking medication as prescribed
    - Problem solving and goal directed behavior